Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvestingRainwater harvesting is an appropriate technology for our hills that could effectively address the problem of water scarcity in the hills. This technology ensures the harvesting and consumption of water within the household. Water availability is no longer dependent on expensive and unreliable lift water schemes, or insufficient perennial springs. Rainwater harvesting systems have proven to be a very simple solution to the water problem as they catch the water where it falls.

During the last years Avani initiated the building of 6 rainwater harvesting systems in several villages under the aegis of Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective with financial support from Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India. The rainwater harvesting systems that were built continue to facilitate storage of 180,000 litres of rainwater for various uses in the school as well as for use of community members around the schools.

School children using harvested waterAnother rainwater harvesting system has been built for the AVANI campus at Tripuradevi. This system can collect 270,000 litres of roof run of rainwater, which is lifted to overhead tanks with a solar water pump. This water is then filtered through a slow sand filter for drinking purposes. This water harvesting system is partially meeting our water requirements for the drinking, washing and dying of wool and silk yarn. This has generated a lot of interest among the local communities in rainwater harvesting as an option for meeting water requirements in the area.