Process of Production

Woman spinning yarnOur work with textiles has evolved with continuous dialogue and discussions with the community about their needs. The basis of our work is fair wages to the artisans that have been decided in consultation with the artisans and to create a rural livelihood base. This provides an opportunity to the rural poor to earn their livelihood near their homestead.
The artisans’ collective has now been registered under a common umbrella as the Kumaon Earthcraft Self Reliant Cooperative in the year 2005. Slowly the management of the production will be taken over by the cooperative.

We have also ensured that the process of production is as important as the product itself. We are harvesting rainwater from rooftops that is collected in underground storage tanks. This water is used for natural dyeing and then the wastewater is filtered and used for irrigation to grow vegetables.

Natural dyed yarn waiting to be processedClean energy is being used for all energy requirements in the production process. We have trained a group of local boys to manufacture solar water heaters and solar driers that are used for pre heating of water for dyeing and drying of dye materials respectively. The use of these devices helps us to conserve energy.
We have also developed models of solar powered spinning wheels that can be installed in unelectrified villages to improve the productivity of a good spinner.

We have also installed a solar powered calendaring machine that is powered by electricity produced with solar energy or from a pine needle gasifier.