We work with natural fibres like wool, silk, pashmina and linen. The different varieties of wool and silk used by us are as follows:

Hand spun and naturally dyed tibetan wool

Hand Spun Tibetan Sheep Wool
This wool comes from the Tibetan plateau where the sheep are reared in the high altitude Himalayas . This wool is very warm and can be spun easily. It gets softer with use and has a very long life. We are now blending it with merino wool as well as with silk.

Hand Spun and machine yarn in Australian Merino Wool
This wool is produced in India as well as imported from Australia . It is softer than Tibetan wool and is used to create blends with different silks for a range of softer products.

Wild Silks
There are two kinds of silk: Cultivated silks where you have plantations of the host plant and then cultivate the silk like mulberry. The other varieties are collected in the wild like eri, muga, oak tussar and tussar.

We are working mainly with the wild silks. We are now also working with the cultivation of eri and muga silks in the hills of Kumaon.




We are working with a small range of products in linen as well. The raw material comes from Belgium and is processed and spun in India.