Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaterSolar water heaters help conserving the precious biodiversity in the fragile ecosystem of Kumaon region’s mountains. Solar heat can be used to warm up water, so that there is no need for burning precious firewood to get warm water. Furthermore, the use of solar water heaters provides employment to the rural solar technicians.

Solar Water heaters fabrication and installation is all being done by AVANI’s Mechanical Workshop. Solar water heaters in order to provide hot water for washing and dyeing of wool & silk and providing hot water to the residents have already been developed and installed at our Tripuradevi Campus.

Solar water heating systems have also been installed in the tourist guest house of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam, situated in the heart of the Wild Life sanctuary of Binsar. Some more water heaters have been installed at various places such as a hospital and another tourist guest house. The idea is to tap tourism industry for selling solar water heaters.

In recent times Avani has focused on improving the solar water heaters that are fabricated by the rural technicians. These improvements consist of:

  • Developing hybrid systems for facilitating water heating on cloudy days by combining wood based heating systems along with the solar heating.
  • Bringing in new material such as felted insulation instead of glass wool and aluminium channels for making the body. Search is also on for aluminium pipes for replacing G I pipes to reduce the weight of the panel and enhance the efficiency of heat transfer. All these improvements are under trial and are likely to be finalized soon.