Silk Cultivation

As a backward integration to our work with silk textiles, we have started a program on silk cultivation with the local farmers. A range of naturally dyed textiles in eri and muga are already being made. Once the cultivation of the silk starts, it will ensure that the raw material to the finished product is produced in Uttaranchal.

We have already initiated plantation work with over a 100 farmers in the project area and plan to involve almost 1000 farmers over the next 4 years.

Trial rearing of muga cocoons has already been carried out.

All the three species of host plants for Eri and Muga are indigenous to these hills and grow wild in some areas. Avani has also surveyed the existing trees of Castor (host plant for Eri) and Litchia polyantha and Miechelis bombacina (host plant for Muga) and will conduct trial rearing of Eri and Muga worms for cocoons.

As a preparation for processing the cocoons produced by the farmers, spinning of silk in our area has been up scaled. The focus is on the spinning of Eri, Muga and Oak Tussar in the Gadtir centre. Products are already being woven with the silk that has been spun by spinners in the different villages.