Other Income Generating Activities

To enable women to generate their own income, AVANI provides both training and material to women’s self help groups (SHG’s) in various projects.

Bee keeping
Bees are an integral part of the overall farming system for their capacity to facilitate cross pollination. In order to exploit the honey producing potential of bees for income generation, while they perform their role in farming system, bee keeping activity has been initiated with selected women’s self help groups.

Dye material collection
There are a number of wild plants which yield dyes. We have trained selected SHGs in collection and processing of dye materials, which have ready market in the existing silk and wool textile cottage industry promoted by us and manufactures exclusively natural dyed products. In order to enhance the value of dried products and minimise drudgery, solar driers have also been provided as a technology input for drying.

Cash crop cultivation
SHG members are being encouraged to devote more land to cash crops like turmeric, corriander, zinger and fresh vegetables which could provide better income. inputs of reliable and quality seeds alongwith training is being provided. technology inputs like green houses, drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting, vermicomposting and biogas is also encouraged to enhance better yields while protecting and enriching the soil.

Fruit processing
Large quantities of citrus fruit, that grows abundantly in the area is either sold at throw away prices or rots for lackof immediate access to appropriate markets. Iit is envisaged that selected SHGs will be trained to process oranges for a higher shelf life with appropriate technology inputs like solar processing. This activity will be initiated this autumn when fresh fruit is available aplenty.

Due to lack of access to proper composting techniques, the farm yilds suffer and there are higher pathogen attacks, where as the precious biomass, which can not be decomposed by traditional techniques is either lost or takes very long to decompose.

Vermicomposting with SHGs will provide quality and timely composte for their cash crops, while providing an opportunity to earn extra cash by propagating and selling worms to willing farmers.
This is already a very popular activity as the advantages over traditional composting are apparent in a very short time and traing of SHGs in vermicomposting is an ongoing activity.