Abhivyakti School

“Abhivyakti” means self expression … This is a quality that is inherent in all of us, but somewhere on the way to becoming adults we lose this connection to our original self. Children on the other hand, are in touch with their original nature but it is rare to find education spaces that support that knowledge and self expression. We are endeavouring to set up one such child friendly learning centre in the Indian Himalayas.

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In April 2011, we at Avani, set up a small creative learning centre based on the Montessori model. At the moment, this school is operating as a pre-school for children ages 3-5. We envisage that it will grow into a primary school up to 5th standard in the course of the next few years. As this area is very remote, there are currently no initiatives that focus on creative learning in schools.

We believe that creative learning is a strong basis for creative minds. Primary schooling plays the most crucial role in the child’s learning and development. In the foreseeable future, our goal is to establish an officially recognized primary school. Our target is to provide the necessary proficiency in all basic subjects and a good relationship between the school and learning. The younger children from in and around the Avani community come daily between 9am – 12.30 pm. From 2.30pm till 4pm the child friendly learning centre is open for children of all age groups.


We are also very well placed in the creative activities that we would like to introduce in the school as we are already doing them for the past many years in the organisation:

  • Hand Spinning
  • Hand Knitting
  • Clay Work
  • Weaving
  • Felting
  • Braiding
  • Painting
  • Natural Dyeing

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The playful teaching method allows the children to learn and understand without the traditional compulsory system of learning. This teaching style will also allow them to be exposed to languages such as Hindi and English, but also German and French – even if it is just in a form of a children’s song. Through the participation of both the teachers and volunteers, our children are presented to not only a classroom, but the entire world.