Hear From Our Volunteers

Raju & Raj

Adhiraj Vable

I came to Avani to find an answer to the question “How do you run a social enterprise?” Working with Rajnish & Rashmi on proposals for two new ventures, I’ve had the chance to find a few answers – through long-term dedication, lots of patience, and a good sense of humor.

However, somewhere along the way I started to ask a different question: “Why do you run a social enterprise?” Waking up to mind blowing sunrises, peeling ginger in the mess hall with Pramod the cook, chasing monkeys out of the compost, and rambling across mountain ridges at dusk, I’ve come to appreciate why Rajnish & Rashmi moved out here with just a tent 14 years ago. To me, it seems Avani is as much about empowering people as it is celebrating life. And what a beautiful mountain range to do both!