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Avani has worked with the local communities for the past fifteen years to bring empowerment to rural Central Himalayan communities through the implementation of various developmental programs. Although we together are strong, we also need the support of other communities, nationally and internationally, to assist our objectives of fostering development in this remote region. Please see how you can make a difference.


Avani welcomes volunteers from all parts of the globe, both professional and student, to make a lasting change to our community. If you are interested, please read the volunteer guide and email



EarthCraft, the enterprise, was created as a result of Avani’s efforts of bringing livelihood to the rural communities through revival of local craft of spinning and weaving, sells high-quality, naturally dyed silk and wool products. Please visit the EarthCraft website, and see our Products page for more information.



Your contribution to Avani will foster the capacity to continue to contribute to the development of sustainable livelihoods in the remote regions of the Central Himalayas. Your donations are used toward the growth and development of all projects on site. Donors can also indicate specific they would like to contribute toward.



Tell your friends and family about Avani to create awareness and share our story. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, posts, and pictures.